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To some a truly excellent loudspeaker, to others... not as much.
I don't know for I have never heard one...

Technics used variations of the SB-7000, SB-7070 and the pricier SB-8000 to illustrate its demos in the late 1970s : have someone perform live, record through an RS-1500U or RS-1800, then replay through the SB loudspeakers...

Phase characteristics seem very good and so do the rest of the specifications. The level controls for the high and mid drivers, rather than regular level pots, function as Q pots : altering the resonance sharpness rather than level.

The original SB-7000 is a bass-reflex design with a loaded cavity equal to the bottom part of the enclosure remaining below the woofer's frame.
That version was sold inside and outside Japan, also known there as " Technics 7 " and available in white (with flashy green covers - SB-7000W ) or with real wood veneer sides ( SB-7000MP ).

The export-only SB-7000A is also a bass-reflex design but with a simpler tuned vent ; this later version seems to have been US-only.

The 7000 and 7000A are otherwise identical (drivers, controls, dimensions) but the resulting SPL and frequency response, naturally, differs.

As most of Technics' 1975 - 1977 , the SB-7000 had the " studio professional " serious looks written all over itself.
A definite and big plus in 1977 , when the SB-7000 started to appear outside Japan, almost two years after its home launch.

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Sb laboratories stanozolol 5mg

sb laboratories stanozolol 5mg


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